Dr Rabab Rashwan

Dr Rabab Rashwan / MSc MBBCh

(2011 - 2012)

Rabab Rashwan received her M.B.B.Ch. in Medicine and Surgery with honours in 2002 from the Faculty of Medicine, Minia University, Egypt. Her 2007 Masters degree in microbiology and immunology compared the effect of specific adjuvants on the immune response of mice against potential protein vaccines. As an assistant lecturer Rabab continued this area of study and was awarded an international scholarship from the Egyptian Cultural Affairs and Missions Sector to complete her 4 year PhD at the University of Western Australia. Winthrop Professor YC Gary Lee is her project supervisor on, “The biological effects of common bacterial pathogens of pleural infections on pleural mesothelial cells”. This project is using in vivo models and in vitro techniques to study bacterial migration into the pleural cavity, and the biological responses of pleural mesothelium upon exposure to bacteria. Data from this rarely studied but important area will be highly publishable and add valuable knowledge to the existing literature. There is also direct translational relevance to millions of patients worldwide who suffer from pneumonia each year.

Awards: Lung Institute of Western Australia (LIWA) Top Up scholarship (April 2012) &Egyptian International (May 2011).