2017-2019       Project Grant, National Health & Medical Research Council, Australia. 

  • Compartmental analysis of T-cell responses in thoracic malignancies.

Robinson BWS, Lee YCG, Creaney J, Lake R, Holt R, Nowak A, Watson M, Pearson J & Chee J.

University of Western Australia, Australia.   


2017                Project Support, the Cancer Research Trust Single Cancer Cell Initiative 2017. 

  • Single cell sequencing in pleural effusions of malignant mesothelioma patients

Creaney J, Robinson BWS, Lee YCG, Muiri DO.

National Centre for Asbestos Related Diseases, Perth, Australia.


2017                Project Grant, Sir Charles Gairdner Research Advisory Committee, Australia. 

  • Australasian Malignant PLeural Effusion (AMPLE) Trial-3: a multicentre randomized study comparing surgical pleurodesis vs indwelling pleural catheter for management of malignant pleural effusions

Lee YCG.

Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital, Perth, Australia.


2017                Project Grant, Cancer Council of Western Australia, Australia. 

  • The effect of FGF-9 on anti-tumour immunity in mesothelioma.

Lansley SM, Lee YCG, Creaney J, Robinson BWS.  

Institute for Respiratory Health, Perth, Australia.


2017                Western Australia Health Medical and Health Research Infrastructure Fund for 2016. 

Lee YCG.

Institute for Respiratory Health, Perth, Australia.