Original Articles

  • 2022 Open or Close

    Fitzgerald DB, Waterer GW, Budgeon C, Shrestha R, Fysh ET, Muruganandan S, Stanley C, Saghaie T, Badiei A, Sidhu C, Harryanto H, Duong V, Azzopardi M, Manners D, Lau NSH, Popowicz ND, Peddle-McIntyre CJ, Rahman NM, Read CA, Tan AL, Gan SK, Murray K, and Lee YCG.   Steroid Therapy and Outcome of Parapneumonic Pleural Effusions (STOPPE): a multicentre, double-blinded, placebo-controlled randomized clinical trial.   Am J Respir Crit Care Med 2022; in press.

    Louw A, van Vliet B, Peverall J, Colkers S, Acott N, Creaney J, Lee YCG and Chai SM.   Analysis of early pleural fluid samples in mesothelioma patients: a case series exploration of morphology, BAP1 and CDKN2A status with implications for the concept of mesothelioma in situ in cytology.  Cancer Cytopathology; in press.

    Lau PME, Eshraghi M, Lee YCG and Popowicz ND.   An international survey on the use of intrapleural tPA/DNase therapy for the management of pleural infection.   ERJ Open Res; in press.  

    Orozco Morales ML, Rinaldi CA, de Jong E, Lansley SM, Gummer JPA, NaeiniOlasz B, Nambiar SM, Hope DE, Casey TH, Lee YCG, Leslie C, Nealon G, Charman S, Powell A, Grimaldi M, Balaguer P, Zemek RM, Bosco A, Piggott MJ, Vrielink A, Lake RA, Lesterhuis WJ.   PPARa and PPARd activation is associated with pleural mesothelioma invasion, but therapeutic inhibition is ineffective in preclinical models.  iScience; in press.

  • 2021 Open or Close

    Jeffery E, Lee YCG, Newton RU, Lyons-Wall P, McVeigh J, Fitzgerald DB, Straker L and Peddle-McIntyre CJ. Changes in body composition in patients with malignant pleural mesothelioma and its relationship with activity levels and dietary intake. Eur J Clin Nutrition 2021; in press.

    Jayawardena T; Krivinskas S; and Lee YCG. Conservative management of a complete primary spontaneous pneumothorax. Respirol Case J 2021; 9:e0837.

    Sidhu C, Fysh ET, Roy B, Kuok YJ, Muruganandan S, Lan NSH, Mevavala BV, Read C, Tan AL, Thomas R* and Lee YCG*. The AIR study: Study protocol for a prospective multicentre pilot study to assess the feasibility, safety and efficacy of artificially introducing an air-pleura interface to enhance detection of pleural abnormalities by computed tomography. Medicine: Case Reports and Study Protocols 2021; 2 (10); p e0123.

    Charng J, Attia MS, Arunachalam S, Lam WS, Creaney J, Chin WL, Muruganandan S, Read C, Murray K, Millward M, Spiro J, Chakera A, Lee YCG, Nowak AK and Chen FK. Increased interdigitation zone visibility on optical coherence tomography following systemic fibroblast growth factor receptor 1-3 tyrosine kinase inhibitor anticancer therapy. Clin Experiment Ophthalmol 2021; 49(6):579-590.

    Louw A, Lee YCG, Acott N, van Vliet C, Creaney J and Chai MS. Diagnostic utility of BAP1 for malignant pleural mesothelioma in pleural fluid specimens with atypical morphology. Cytopathology 2021: epub ahead of print https://doi.org/10.1111/cyt.13015

    Fitzgerald D, Blakey J, Joshi P, Kuok YJ, Lee YCG and Thomas R. Ultrasound clues in lobar pneumonia. CHEST; in press.

    Popowicz ND, Cheah HM, Gregory C, Miranda A, Dick IM, Lee YCG and Creaney J. Neutrophil-to-lymphocyte ratio in malignant pleural fluid: Prognostic significance. PLoS One 2021;16(4):e0250628.

    Mishra EK, Muruganandan S, Clark A, Bhatnagar R, Maskell N, Lee YCG and Rahman N. Breathlessness predicts survival in patients with malignant pleural effusions: Meta-analysis of individual patient data from five randomized controlled trials. CHEST 2021;160(1):351-357.

    Popowicz ND, Piccolo F, Yap E, Wong C, Brockway B, Smith NA, Sullivan C, Musk AW and Lee YCG. Long term follow-up data of intrapleural tissue plasminogen activator and deoxyribonuclease therapy for pleural infection. [Research Letter] Respirology 2021;7(6):999-1008

    Fitzgerald DB, Joseph J, Westscott M, Popowicz ND, Lim EM, Creaney J and Lee YCG. Trace element levels in pleural effusions. Health Science Reports 2021;4(2):e262.

    Fitzgerald DB, Muruganandan S, Tsim S, Ip H, Asciak R, Walker S, Uribe-Becerra J-P, Majid A, Ahmed L, Rahman NM, Maskell NA, Blyth K and Lee YCG. Intrapleural fibrinolytics and deoxyribonuclease for treatment of indwelling pleural catheter-related pleural infection: a multi-center observational study. Respiration 2021; in press.

    Cheah HM, Fitzgerald D, Louw A, Creaney J and Lee YCG. Hyaluronic acid in viscous malignant mesothelioma pleural effusion. Respirol Case J 2021; 9(1): e00694.

    Louw A, Sidhu C, Fitzgerald DB, Creaney J, Chai SM and Lee YCG. Clump material within drainage chest tubes contain diagnostic information: A proof-of-concept case series. [Research Letter] Eur Respir J 2021; 57(3):2003248. https://doi.org/10.1183/13993003.03248-2020.

  • 2020 Open or Close

    MacMillan M, Roy B, McLaren S, Nowak AK, Thomas R and Lee YCG. Widespread pulmonary invasion by malignant pleural mesothelioma: an important diagnostic consideration. Respirol Case J 2020; 10(2):e00675.

    Brown S, Ball E, Lee YCG, Beasley R and Simpson G on behalf of the PSP Investigators. Conservative and ambulatory management of primary spontaneous pneumothorax: Less is more. [Correspondence] Lancet 2020; 396 (10267): 1973.

    Roy B, Teh MC, Kuok YJ and Lee YCG. Bronchopleural communication following intrapleural doses of tPA/DNase for empyema. Respirol Case Rep 2020; 8(7):e00646.

    Chiang KY, Ho JC, Chong P, Tam T, Lam D, Ip MSP, Lee YCG and Lui MMS. Role of early definitive management for newly diagnosed malignant pleural effusion related to lung cancer. Respirology 2020; 25:1167–1173.

    Muruganandan S, Azzopardi M, Thomas R, Fitzgerald DB, Kuok YJ, Cheah HM, Read CA, Budgeon C, Eastwood P, Jenkins S, Singh B, Murray K and Lee YCG. The PLeural Effusion and Symptom Evaluation (PLEASE) study of breathlessness in patients with a symptomatic pleural effusion. Eur Respir J; 2020: 55(5):1900980. doi: 10.1183/13993003.00980-2019.

    Brown SGA, Ball EL, Perrin K, Asha SE, Brithwaite R, Egerton-Warburton D, Jones PG, Keijzers G, Kinnear FB, Kwan BCH, Lam KV, Lee YCG, Nowitz M, Read CA, Simpson G, Smith JA, Summers QA, Weatherall M and Beasley R for the PSP Investigators. Spontaneous pneumothorax: A randomized trial of conservative treatment. New Engl J Med 2020; 382:405-415.

    Lam WS, Creaney J, Chen FK, Chin WL, Muruganadan S, Arunachalam S, Attia MS, Read C, Murray K, Millward M, Spiro J, Chakera A, Lee YCG* and Nowak AK*. (* Joint senior authors) A phase II trial of single oral FGF inhibitor, AZD4547, as second or third line therapy in malignant pleural mesothelioma. Lung Cancer 2020; 140:87-92.

    Kho SS, Chan SK, Yong MC, Cheah HM, Lee YCG and Tie ST. Pleural fluid lactate as a point-of-care adjunct diagnostic aid to separate tuberculous and complicated parapneumonic pleural effusions: potential use in a tuberculous endemic setting. Respiratory Investigations 2020; 58:367-375.

    Fysh ETH, Smallbone P, Mattock N, McCloskey C, Litton E, Wibrow B, Ho KM and Lee YCG. Clinically significant pleural effusions in intensive care: a multicentre, prospective, observational study comparing early drainage and medical management. Crit Care Expl 2020; 2(1):e0070.

    Chan KP, Badiei A, Tan C, Fitzgerald DB, Stanley C, Fysh ET, Shrestha R, Muruganandan S, Read CA, Thomas R and Lee YCG. Use of indwelling pleural/peritoneal catheter in the management of malignant ascites: a retrospective audit of 48 patients. Intern Med J 2020; 50: 705-711.

  • 2019 Open or Close

    Birnie KA, Prêle CM, Musk AW, de Klerk N, Lee YCG, Fitzgerald D, Allcock RJN, Thompson PJ, Creaney J, Badrian B and Mutsaers SE. MicroRNA signatures in malignant pleural mesothelioma effusions. Disease Markers 2019; in press.     

    Lan NSH, Vekaria S, Sidhu C and Lee YCGVery low dose intrapleural tPA for indwelling pleural catheter-associated symptomatic fluid loculationRespirol Case Rep 2019; in press.    

    Beckert L, Brockway B, Simpson G, Southcott AM, Lee YCG, Rahman N, Light RW, Shoemaker S, Gillies J, Komissarov AA, Florova G, Ochran T, Bradley W, Ndetan H, Singh K, Sarva K and Idell S. Phase 1 dose-escalation trial of intrapleural LTI-01 (single chain urokinase plasminogen activator/scuPA) in patients with complicated parapneumonic effusions or empyema.  JCI Insight 2019; 5 pii:127470.        

    Jeffery E, Lee YCG, Newton RU, Lyons-Wall P, McVeigh J, Cheah HM, Nguyen B, Fitzgerald DB, Creaney J, Straker L, Carolyn Peddle-McIntyre C. Malnutrition and sarcopenia in malignant pleural mesothelioma is associated with poorer quality of life, greater sedentary time and inflammatory cytokines. Eur J Clin Nutrition 2019; in press.  

    Lépine P-A, Thomas R, Nguyen S, Lacasse Y, Cheah HM, Creaney J, Muruganadan S, Martel S, Lee YCG and Delage A. Simplified criteria using pleural fluid cholesterol and lactate dehydrogenase to distinguish between exudative and transudative pleural effusions. Respiration 2019; Mar 1:1-7.  

    Hart JA, Badiei A and Lee YCGSuccessful management of pleural infection with very low dose intrapleural tissue plasminogen activator / deoxyribonuclease regime. Respirol Case Rep 2019; 7 (3):e00408.

    Tan PSC, Badiei A, Kuok YJ and Lee YCGPleural empyema in a patient with a perinephric abscess and diaphragmatic defect. Respirol Case Rep 2019; 7 (3):e00400.

    Fitzgerald DB, Leong SL, Budgeon CA, Murray K, Rosenstengal A, Smith NA, Bielsa S, Clive AO, Maskell NA, Porcel JM and Lee YCGRelationship of pleural fluid pH and glucosea multi-centre study of 2971 cases.  J Thorac Dis 2019; 11:123-130.

    Brims F, Popowicz N, Rosenstengel A, Hart J, Yogendran A, Read CA, Lee F, Shrestha R, Franke A, Lewis JR, Kay I, Waterer GW and Lee YCGThe bacteriology and clinical outcomes of patients with culture-positive pleural infection in Western Australia: A six-year analysis.  Respirology 2019; 24:171-178.

  • 2018 Open or Close

    Chee J, Watson MW, Chopra A, Nguyen B, Cook AM, Creaney J, Lesterhuis WJ, Robinson BW, Lee YCG, Nowak AK and Lake RA and McDonnell AM. Tumour associated lymphocytes in the pleural effusions of a patient with mesothelioma express high levels of inhibitory receptors. BMC Res Notes 2018; 11:864.

    Muruganadan S, Azzopardi M, Fitzgerald DB, Shrestha R, Kwan BCH, Lam DCL, de Chaneet CC, Rashid Ali MRS, Yap E, Tobin CL, Garske LA, Nguyen PT, Stanley C, Popowicz ND, Kosky C, Thomas R, Read CA, Budgeon CA, Feller-Kopman D, Maskell NA, Murray K and Lee YCGAggressive versus symptom-guided drainage of malignant pleural effusion via indwelling pleural catheters: the Australasian Malignant PLeural Effusion (AMPLE)-2 randomized clinical trial. Lancet Respir Med 2018; 6:671-680.                                                                  

    Rashwan R, Varano della Vergiliana J, Lansley SM, Cheah HM, Popowicz N, Waterer GW, Townsend T, Kay I, Brown J and Lee YCGStreptococcus pneumoniae potently induces cell death in mesothelial cells.  PLoS One 2018; 13:e0201530. 

    Fysh ETH, Thomas R, Tobin C, Kuok YJ and Lee YCGAir in the pleural cavity significantly enhances detection of pleural abnormalities by computerised tomography. CHEST 2018; 153:e123-128.

    Sneddon S, Dick I, Lee YCG, Musk AW, Patch A-M, Pearson JV, Waddell N, Allcock RJN, Holt RA, Robinson BWW and Creaney J. Malignant cells in pleural fluids in malignant mesothelioma patients reveal novel mutations. Lung Cancer 2018; 119:64-70.

    Popowicz N, O’Halloran S, Fitzgerald D, Lee YCG and Joyce D.   A rapid, LC-MSMS assay for quantification of piperacillin and tazobactam in human plasma and pleural fluid; application to a clinical pharmacokinetic study.   J Chromatogr B Analyt Technol Biomed Life Sci 2018; 1081-1082:58-66.

    Bhatnagar R, Keenan EK, Morley AJ, Kahan BC, Stanton AE, Haris M, Harrison RN, Mustafa RA, Bishop LJ, Ahmed L, West A, Holme J, Evison M, Munavvar M, Sivasothy P, Herre J, Cooper D, Roberts M, Guhan A, Hooper C, Walters J, Saba TS, Chakrabarti B, Gunatilake S, Psallidas I, Walker SP, Bibby AC, Smith S, Stadon LJ, Zahan-Evans NJ, Lee YCG, Harvey JE, Rahman NM, Miller RF and Maskell NA. Outpatient talc via pleural catheter for malignant pleural effusions. New Engl J Med 2018; 378:1313-1322.

    Muruganadan S, Fitzgerald DB and Lee YCGMalignant pleural mesothelioma presenting with remitting-relapsing pleural effusions. Respirology Case Rep 2018; 6(3):e00306.

    Peddle-McIntye CJ, Baker M, Lee YCG, Galvão DA, Cormie P, Graham V, Newton RU. The feasibility of a pragmatic distance-based intervention to increase physical activity in lung cancer survivors.

    Eur J Cancer Care 2018; 27:e12722.Mishra EK, Clive AO, Wills G, Davies HE, Stanton AE, Al-Aloul M, Hart-Thomas A, Pepperell J, Evison M, Saba T, Harrison RN, Guhan A, Callister M, Sathyamurthy R, Corcoran JP, Hallifax R, Psallidas I, Russell N, Shaw R, Dobson M, Wrightson JM, West A, Lee YCG, Nunn AJ, Miller RF, Maskell NA and Rahman NM. Randomised controlled trial of urokinase vs placebo for non-draining malignant pleural effusion.  Am J Resp Crit Care Med 2018; 197:502-508.

    Thomas R, Murray K and Lee YCG.  Treatment approaches for malignant pleural effusion. [Letter] JAMA 2018; 319:1507-1508.

  • 2017 Open or Close

    Thomas R, Fysh E, Smith NA and Lee YCG. Effect of an Indwelling Pleural Catheter vs Talc Pleurodesis on Hospitalization Days in Patients With Malignant Pleural Effusion - The AMPLE Randomized Clinical Trial. JAMA.2017;318(19):1903-1912. [PDF]

    Popowicz N, Thomas R and Lee YCG. Reply: “Less is More Approach for Management of Intrapleural Sepsis” [Letter] Ann Am Thorac Soc 2017.

    Peddle-McIntye CJ, Baker M, Lee YCG, Galvão DA, Cormie P, Graham V, Newton RU. The feasibility of a pragmatic distance-based intervention to increase physical activity in lung cancer survivors. Eur J Cancer Care 2018; 27:e12722.

    Jeffery E, Lee YCG, McVeigh J, Straker L, Wooding T, Newton R and McIntyre C. Objectively measured physical activity and sedentary behavior in patients with malignant pleural effusion: a feasibility study. Support Care Cancer 2017; 25:3133-3141.

    Popowicz N, Bintcliffe O, de Fonseka D, Blyth K, Smith N, Piccolo F, Martin G, Wong D, Edey A, Maskell NA and Lee YCGDose de-escalation of intrapleural tissue plasminogen activator therapy for pleural infection: the ADAPT project.Ann Am Thorac Soc 2017; Jun;14(6):929-936. [PDF]

    Lansley SM, Cheah HM and Lee YCGThe role of MCP-1 in pleural effusion development in a carrageenan-induced murine model of pleurisy. Respirology 2017; 22: 758-763. [PDF]

    Cheah HM, Lansley SM, Varano della Vergiliana JF, Tan AL, Leong SL, Creaney J and Lee YCGMalignant pleural fluid from mesothelioma has potent biological activities. Respirology 2017; 22:192-199.

  • 2016 Open or Close

    Mahmud T, Mal G, Majeed FA, Chai SM and Lee YCGA massive pleural-based desmoid tumour.  Respirology Case Reports 2016; 5: e00205[PDF]

    Brown SGA, Ball EL, Perrin K, Read CA, Asha SE, Beasley R, Egerton-Warburton D, Jones PG, Keijzers G, Kinnear FB, Kwan BCH, Lee YCG, Smith JA, Summers QA, Simpson G. Study protocol for a randomised controlled trial of invasive versus conservative management of primary spontaneous pneumothorax – the PSP Study Group. BMJ Open 2016; 6: e011826. [PDF]

    Fysh ETH, Yogendran A, Rosenstengel A, Roberts, B, Palermo A-M, Kay I, Litton E, Ho K-M and Lee YCGPleural infections in intensive care. [Letter] CHEST 2016; 150:1419-1420.

    Thomas R, Azzopardi M, Muruganandan S, Read CA, Murray K, Eastwood P, Jenkins S, Singh B and Lee YCGProtocol of the PLeural Effusion and Symptom Evaluation (PLEASE) study on the pathophysiology of breathlessness in patients with symptomatic pleural effusions. BMJ Open 2016; 6:e013213. [PDF]

    Azzopardi M, Thomas R, Muruganandan S, LAM DCC, Garske LA, Kwan BCH, Rashid Ali MRS, Nguyen PT, Yap E, Horwood FC, Fielding D, Bint M, Tobin CL, Shrestha R, Piccolo F, De Chaneet CC, Creaney J, Newton RU, Hendrie D, Murray K, Read CA, Feller-Kopman D, Maskell NA and Lee YCGProtocol of the Australasian Malignant Pleural Effusion-2 (AMPLE-2) trial: A multi-centre randomised study of aggressive versus symptom-guided drainage via indwelling pleural catheters. BMJ Open 2016; 6(7):e011480. [PDF]

    Clive AO, Taylor H, Dobson L, Wilson P, de Winton E, Panakis N, Pepperell J, Howell T, Jordan N, Stewart S, Penz E, Morley AJ, Zahan-Evans N, Batchelor TJP, Marchbank A, Bishop L, Ionescu A, Bayne M, Cooper S, Kerry A, Jenkins P, Toy L, Vigneswaran V, Gildersleve J, Tomlinson M, Ahmed M, Fiona McDonald F, Button M, Lewanski C, Comins C, Dakshinamoorthy M, Lee YCG, Rahman N, Maskell NA. Surgical and large bore pleural procedures in malignant pleural mesothelioma and radiotherapy trial (SMART Trial) – An RCT evaluating whether prophylactic radiotherapy reduces the incidence of procedure tract metastases. Lancet Oncol 2016 17:1094-1104.

    Dean NC, Griffith PP,Sorenson J,McCauley L, Jones BE and Lee YCGPleural effusions at first Emergency Department encounter predict worse clinical outcomes in pneumonia patients.  CHEST 2016; 149:1509-1515.

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    Tobin CL, Thomas R, Chai SM, Segal A and Lee YCGHistopathology of removed indwelling pleural catheters from patients with malignant pleural diseases.   Respirology 2016; 21:939-42. [PDF]

  • 2015 Open or Close

    Rahman NM, Pepperell J, Rehal S, Saba T, Ali N, West A, Hettiarachchi G, Mukherjee D, Samuel J, Bentley A, Dowson L, Miles J, Ryan F, Yoneda K, Chauhan A, Corcoran JP, Psallidas I, Wrightson JM, Hallifax R, Davies H, Lee YCG, Hedley EL, Seaton D, Russell N, Chapman M, Hughes B, Shaw R, Davies RJO, Maskell NA, Nunn AJ, Miller RF.   Primary Result of the 1st Therapeutic Interventions in Malignant Effusion (TIME1) Trial: A 2x2 factorial, randomised trial of chest tube size and analgesic strategy for pleurodesis in malignant pleural effusion.   JAMA 2015; 314:2641-53.

    Francis RJ, Segard T, Morandeau L, Lee YCG, Millward M, Segal A and Nowak AK. Characterisation of hypoxia in malignant pleural mesothelioma with FMISO PET-CT  Lung Cancer 2015; 90:55-60. [PDF]

    Syed A, Rashid Ali MR and Lee YCG.  Salmonella Enteritidis empyema preceding the diagnosis of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and subsequent contralateral chylothorax treated with radiolabelled rituximab.  Eurasian J Pulmonol 2015; 17: 176-178.

    Birnie KA, Yip YY, Ng DCH, Kirschner MB, Reid G, Lee YCG, Thompson PJ, Mutsaers SE and Badrian B. MicroRNA-223 loss and stathmin over-expression promote cell motility in malignant mesothelioma.  Molecular Cancer Research 2015; 13:1106-18. [PDF]

    Leong SL, Lee YCG, Robinson BW and Creaney J.  Role of mesothelin measurement in patients with cytology-negative pleural effusion undergoing medical thoracoscopy.  The Pleura 2015; 2: 2373997515579639. [PDF]

    Thomas R, Piccolo F, Miller D, MacEachern PR, Chee AC, Huseini T, Yarmus L, Bhatnagar R, Lee HJ, Feller-Kopman D, Maskell NA, Tremblay A and Lee  YCG.  Intrapleural fibrinolytics for the treatment of indwelling pleural catheter-related symptomatic loculations – a multi-center observational study CHEST 2015; 148:746-51.

    McGuire AL, Bennett SC, Lansley SM, Popowicz N, Varano della Vergiliana JF, Wong D, Lee YCG and Chakera A.  Preclinical assessment of adjunctive tPA and DNase for peritoneal dialysis associated peritonitis PLoS ONE 2015; 10(3):e0119238. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0119238. [PDF]

    Lansley SM,  Cheah HM, Varano della Vergiliana JF, Chakera A and Lee YCG.  Tissue Plasminogen Activator potently stimulates pleural effusion formation via a Monocyte Chemotactic Protein-1 dependent mechanism.   Am J Respir Cell Mol Biol 2015 Jul;53(1):105-12. doi: 10.1165/rcmb.2014-0017OC. [PDF]

    Suthers E, Rosenstengal A, Hart J, Lewis J, Kay I, Waterer GW, Lee YCG and Brims FJ.  Pleural empyema caused by Klebsiella oxytoca – a case series  Respirology 2015; 20:507-509. [PDF]    

    Fysh ETH, Bielsa S, Budgeon C, Read CA, Porcel JM, Maskell NAand Lee YCG.  Predictors of clinical use of pleurodesis and/or indwelling pleural catheter therapy for malignant pleural effusion .   Chest 2015; 147:1629-1634. [PDF]

    Karunarathne S, Thomas R, Jennings B, Morey S, Chai SM, Lee YCG and Phillips MJ.  Pleuroscopic cryoprobe biopsies of the pleura: A feasibility and safety study   Respirology 2015; 20:327-332. [PDF]

    Clive AO, Wilson P, Taylor H, Morley AJ, de Winton E, Panakis N, Rahman N, Pepperell J, Howell T, Batchelor TJP, Jordan N, Lee YCG, Dobson L and Maskell NA.  Protocol for the surgical and large bore procedures in malignant pleural mesothelioma and radiotherapy trial (SMART Trial) – An RCT evaluating whether prophylactic radiotherapy reduces the incidence of procedure tract metastases   BMJ Open 2015; 5(1):e006673. [PDF]

    Davies HE,Thomas R, Francis R and Lee YCG. Authors Reply: The myth of thoracoscopic pleurodesis.

    Respirology 2015; 20:170-171.

  • 2014 Open or Close

    Fysh ETH, Thomas R, Read CA, Kwan B, Yap E, Horwood F, Lee P, Piccolo F, Shrestha R, Garske L, Lam DCL, Rosenstengel A, Bint M, Murray K, Smith NA, and Lee YCGProtocol of the Australasian Malignant Pleural Effusion (AMPLE) Trial: A Multicentre Randomized Study Comparing Indwelling Pleural Catheter vs Talc Pleurodesis.    BMJ Open 2014; 4(11):e006757. [PDF]

    Piccolo F, Pitman N, Bhatnagar R, Popowicz N, Smith NA, Brockway B, Nickels R, Burke AJ, McCartney R, Choo-Kang B, Blyth K, Wong CA, Maskell NA and Lee YCGIntrapleural tPA and DNase for pleural infection: An effective and safe alternative to surgery.   Annals Am Thorac Soc 2014;11:1419-1425. [PDF]

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    Creaney J, Meniawy TM, Dick IM, Leong SL, Leong JS, Demelker Y, Segal A, Musk AW, Lee YCG, Skates SJ, Nowak AK and Robinson BWS.   Comparison of fibulin-3 and mesothelin as markers in malignant mesothelioma.  Thorax 2014;69:895-902. [PDF]

    Lansley SM, Varano JF, Cleaver AL, Ren SH, Segal A,Xu M and Lee YCG.  A commercially available preparation of Staphylococcus aureus bio-products potently inhibits tumour growth in a murine model of mesothelioma.   Respirology 2014; 19:1025-33. [PDF]

    Popowicz N, Piccolo F, Shrestha R and Lee YCG.  Two sequential tPA/DNase courses for non-communicating loculated collections in pleural infection.   Respirology Case Reports 2014; 2: 87-89. [PDF]

    Thomas R and Lee YCResponse.   Chest 2014;146:e111-2. doi: 10.1378/chest.14-0872. [PDF] 

    Thomas R, Budgeon C, Kuok YJ, Read CA, Fysh ETH, Bydder S and Lee YCG.  Catheter tract metastasis associated with indwelling pleural catheter.   Chest 2014; 146:557-562. [PDF]

    Sage EK, Kolluri KK, McNulty K, Lourenco S, Kalbur TL, Ordidge K, Davies D, Lee YCG, Giangreco A and James SM.  Systemic but not topical TRAIL-expressing mesenchymal stem cells reduce tumour growth for malignant mesothelioma.   Thorax 2014; 69:638-647. [PDF]

    Shrestha RL, Wood BA and Lee YCG.  Pseudo-tumor mimicking indwelling pleural catheter tract metastasis in mesothelioma.   J Bronchology Interv Pulmonol 2014; 21:350-352. 

  • 2013 Open or Close

    Fysh ET, Tremblay A, Feller-Kopman D, Mishra E, Slade M, Garske L, Clive A, Lamb C, Boshuizen R, Ng B, Rosenstengel A, Yarmus L, Rahman N, Maskell N and Lee YCG.   Clinical outcomes of indwelling pleural catheter related pleural infections: an international multicenter study Chest 2013; 144: 1597-1602. [PDF] 

    Rosenstengel A, Lim EM, Millward M and Lee YCG.   A distinctive colour associated with high iodine content in malignant pleural effusion from metastatic papillary thyroid cancer: A case report.   J Med Case Rpt 2013; 7: 147. [PDF] 

    Varano della Vergiliana JF, Lansley S, Porcel JM, Bielsa S, Brown JS, Creaney J, Temple SE, Waterer GW and Lee YCG.  Bacterial infection elicits Heat Shock Protein-72 release from pleural mesothelial cells.   PLoS ONE 2013; 8 (5): e63873. Doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0063873. [PDF]

    Fysh ETH, Tan SK, Read CA, Lee F, Mackenzie K, Olsen N, Weerasena I, Threlfall Tde Klerk N, Musk AW and Lee YCG.  Pleurodesis outcome in malignant pleural mesothelioma  Thorax 2013; 68:594-6. [PDF]

  • 2012 Open or Close

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